The Photographer's Eye

If you've looked for photography books you know that there are eleven thousand books whose first chapters cover f-stops, shutter speed, ISO and a quick blurb on the rule of thirds. This book goes WAY beyond that. The author assumes you know how to shoot in manual mode and focuses all of his attention on a treasure trove of visual design concepts and examples.

I'd never before heard of the "Gestalt Laws or Perceptual Organization" or come across the masterful concept of "Delay."

The author presents the idea of "repertoire" - building up your tool box or visual ideas - and then going "hunting." Freeman describes this topic with such clarity that I'm left with no doubt: I am a white belt, Freeman is a blackbelt, and his book is a secret ninja scroll to improving technique.

If you're a serious student of photography - or visual arts in general - this is a must read book.